Interview With Pooja Founder of TheWellnessYatra

Founder TheWellnessYatra

Founder TheWellnessYatra

Pooja is a young, dynamic youth leadership trainer and therapist. She is the co-founder of TheWellnessYatra. She holds a Masters’s in Management and an MSc in yoga therapy from S-VYASA. She has conducted multiple youth leadership programs in colleges across India and abroad as an Art of living facilitator. In the last 10 years, she has inspired and empowered thousands of students across educational institutions that include Gulf University, Kuwait University, IIT Tirupati, SRM Chennai. For her yoga and traditional wisdom is a means to explore oneself and tap into the unlimited possibilities that one can be.

So let’s hear from her.

Tell me about your Brand and could you elaborate on your experience.

At the wellness yatra, we believe in the power of classical yoga and traditional healing systems to transform oneself completely, bring harmony in all aspects of life and also attain our maximum potential as human beings.

Vision: To be synonymous with holistic health and natural living.

Mission: To provide every human being with classical yoga, wellness therapies in purity built on a strong foundation of ancient wisdom.

I’ve always dreamt of a life where I can serve society and that’s exactly what I am doing as a founder of The Wellness Yatra. Bringing a smile in the face of every individual whose life we touch; Witnessing their evolution in life after inculcating the ancient wisdom into their daily life.

We take you on a journey to explore different layers of your existence with the help of yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, and other traditional healing therapies. This will help you address the modern-day challenges skilfully equipping you to move through them with a smile.

So, Pooja tell us about your daily routine & how you start your day?

I am a staunch believer of Dinacharya or the daily routine outlined in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Waking up early brings about a sense of deep relaxation/refreshment to our body and mind. Early in the morning our body and mind are one with nature’s rhythm. Listening to the chirping birds, crows of the rooster, feeling the first rays of sunlight falling on our body early in the morning calm down our nervous system and we are all set for an energetic day’s routine.

So I start with 20 minutes of Gratitude meditation followed by morning sadhana. Then I go by the calendar meetings and sessions. I conduct group sessions on alternate days in the morning followed by one-to-one client consultation calls. I also teach one-to-one yoga for people with specific fitness or wellness goals like body strengthening, weight loss, reversal of lifestyle disorders.

What were the major difficulties that you came across while starting your wellness brand?

When I started my wellness journey in 2015, my major challenge was to impart the concept of holistic wellness into the minds of the larger audience as people always associate wellness with a specific practice ie. Yoga, Meditation, different types of diet, etc.

It took a huge amount of effort, energy,  and time to explain the concept of holistic wellness to the greater audience. Wellness to me is not just a few set of practices which one needs to follow in day-to-day life but it itself is a way of life wherein one is able to achieve his maximum potential during the short span of time he/she gets to walk on this beautiful planet.

Growing up we faced so many situations and challenges that sometimes disrupt the balance in our life. Through the classical techniques and ancient wisdom of holistic health and living, we help you restore that balance and equilibrium in your life.

What are your hobbies like what do you do in your free time?

Since childhood, I was classically trained in Bharatnatyam. I am a passionate dancer, an absorbed reader,  an avid traveler. I also play ukulele in my free time. Traveling across India and abroad give me deep insights into diverse lifestyles, traditions, and cultural aspects of the lives of people.

What are your Goals and Dreams?

Since, my teenage days, I have always dreamt of a society that is not only stress-free, disease-free but also a society where individuals lead their life with everlasting enthusiasm and dynamism, a method of life where wellness is not a luxury but a basic right of every individual.

So to have a holistic approach towards health and way of life. Different aspects of our modern lifestyle are prone to cause various imbalances in our body/system due to irregular routine, toxic environment/stress due to the fast pace of life. So, We at The Wellness Yatra help individuals adopt techniques/practices or knowledge from ancient science to transform their modern life to not only be free of diseases but also enabling them to blossom to their fullest potential.

Tell us about your inspiration & what makes you motivated in your life.

My motivation has always been my Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji he is a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader. He has touched the lives of millions of people across the globe. He founded the art of living, a non-profit organization working towards the goal of a stress-free and violence-free society. The art of living offers 56+ courses on personal well-being and professional development.

Lastly, What do you like to say to your readers?

Good physical, mental and emotional health is the birthright of everyone. Yoga and holistic health is the journey one could embark on to attain them and to take one from where they are right now to what they can be.

Thank you, Pooja for your valuable time. All the best for your future.