Simple yet effective techniques to boost productivity at the work-life

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Productivity is an amalgamation of multiple concepts. We frequently assume that productivity means getting more things done a day. which can be a wrong perception.

Productivity is getting important things through with consistency. And regardless of what’s the nature of your work, there are only a couple of things that are truly important.

Being productive is about, “Slow and steady wins the race “.

During this blog, I have attempted to give the tried and tested tips to reinforce productivity at work and in life. So let’s start. 

Move your body 

Our bodies are made to move. In the age of early man, we used to constantly move for hunting the food, protecting ourselves,  to survive. With the evolution of ages, things got refined but the bodies are still made up of 5 elements earth, air, water, fire, and space. 

woman in black jacket and white shorts jumping on road during daytime

Jumping Women

We all have different shapes, capabilities, and rhythms. So sit up or stand up, choose a workout or a movement routine that you like and practice every day. You can also divide a large routine into small 5 or 1o minute ones. 

The only challenge you might face is that you may start but discontinue, to resolve this please read this blog till the end.

For further motivation please check the Importance of health and fitness article.

Practice the art of doing nothing: Meditation

One thing that is common amongst all successful people is that they do one or the other form of meditation. People have meditation myths that meditation means concentration, focus on one point, or think of a single thought.

But is that really possible? Please leave a comment on what do you think. 

It is the nature of our mind to wander. It’s like a balloon of thoughts in the air. It always wants to do something. But if you always keep on doing something, working with a computer, chatting, watching a movie, playing a game engaging in activity all the time you become tired.  

So what to do?

man sitting on gray dock

Relax and wait

Relax…..and wait.

Meditation is not something you do. It happens. You can not really carry a single thought. But what you could really do is create conditions for your body and mind that meditation happens. Those are simple conditions. 

  • I do nothing because you are only sitting in a comfy position
  • I am nothing, drop all the labels like gender, etc.
  • I want nothing, sit without expectation.

then you can start. For beginners, guided meditation works best. Otherwise, you can simply observe your incoming and outgoing breath with the sound of flowing water. You can also choose mandala meditation. Do what works best for your body and mind. 


Mind a friend and an enemy 

On a Monday morning, I start checking emails in Outlook or Gmail. And I get multiple pings from, various WhatsApp groups, you are part of, I start replying to them one by one and I also get a text on Instagram from an old friend and I feel it is the most important thing to reply. And suddenly it is time for a Webex meeting, I somehow mark my presence there and don’t even realize that it’s already time for the lunch break!

person holding smartphone

I just had a 2-hour lunch break with my team it’s a hot afternoon, I am already yawning drowsily. Waiting for a coffee shot. I rush to the cafeteria again to gain some alertness and on my way back I meet my team. When I reach my desk  I again start checking emails and guess what? I end up with too much work pressure and delayed deadlines.

This is how corporates function most of the time.

Regardless of how and where you fall under the art of distraction you’re sure to keep your work either incomplete or spend time quite required for a specific task. Instead, if you train your mind to develop a new skill, to work, to meditate, you’ll become an expert at that. 

How far more could you achieve if you probably did the work you needed to do and eliminated the half-work, half-wandering that we fill most of our days with?

Have a break, have a nap: Body-mind reset

In the afternoon instead of letting the heavy eyelids take over your work and you struggling to keep them open,

Just stop…

Go to the bed and play 20-minute body scan meditation called Yoga Nidra. And you are reset for the next half of the day.

If you don’t have a bed in your workplace, do it with the support of 2 chairs. 

I usually play Meditation for health which is similar to body scan in the voice of his holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar. I get a complete reset for the next half of my day. I was about to sleep and this thought crossed me, I would like to share my thought below. 

Consistency is the key to excellence: take baby steps 

girl wearing black camisole walking on dock

We all want to excel in life but what we lack is consistency. As a child, I used to hear that there is no shortcut to hard work, I would slightly modify the same too, there is no alternative to consistency.

Our brain is responsible for most of the vital functions of the body like analysis, reasoning, controls of the sensory organs, decision making, and many more. Let us understand a bit deeper into this.

The front of the brain or the frontal lobe is responsible for analytical reasoning and execution, while the emotional brain or the limbic system is responsible for emotions and memory.

Now please read this carefully, these two frontal and limbic have a cashew-shaped connection called the anterior cingulate cortex (or ACC). This ACC is like a moderator or an error handler.

Let’s understand the different roles of each of these. Whenever you decide to accomplish something like learning a new skill, working out, meditate, blog regularly, or losing weight.

Say you want to start with any new skill, you start with the journey of learning, but in the past, if you have experienced a failure, the limbic system triggers that memory and says, “You cannot do it“. Finally your journey halts. 

A similar event occurs when you decide to work out or lose weight. You would have started working out at home or gym and cut down on sugars etc. And the limbic system says,” Let’s not workout today or eat only 1 ice cream” and if you keep on feeding this thought which in turn creates a memory, hence you cannot succeed. 

James Clear says, ‘Reduce the scope but stick to the schedule’.

So the hack is to start with small baby steps and do it consistently.  For example, if you see fitness freaks cannot go even a single day without working out, A person who meditates feels something empty if he misses on it. Similarly, singers cannot go without their practice or Riyaz for a day.

This works on the principle of convergent evolution which is specific to each individual. In which the size of ACC can be increased by consistency. Thus the glow of any practice which you do consistently whether it is a workout, meditation, a sport, a dance form anything makes you feel amazing throughout the day.

Manage your energy and time manages itself 

Prana or the chi energy is present everywhere all the time but it’s up to us how we can utilize it. As you all know energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

The vital life force is fluctuating like volume, it can be increased and decreased. Also at different times of the day to perform various activities we need energy in different magnitudes. 

One of the easiest ways of increasing energy levels is breathing techniques.

Albert Einstein says,” The new age medicine will be in terms of frequency, vibrations, and energy “.




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